Committee on Psychosocial Emergency Services (CoPES)

The Pahinungód Committee on Psychosocial Emergency Services (CoPES) is one of the systemwide programs which aims to strengthen the capacities of UP constituents and partner communities towards psychosocial well-being through its three-fold components- Kamalayan (Awareness-building), Ugnayan (Networking), and Kasanayan (Training). It is composed of UP experts and practitioners across UP campuses. It aims to provide psychosocial support services by strengthening the capacities of individuals and communities.


Endeavors in awareness-building on mental health and psychosocial support are key components of KAMALAYAN.


UGNAYAN is a networking and referral mechanism on psychosocial support services among UP constituent units.


Trainings are key activities in KASANAYAN. It aims to strengthen psychosocial support capacities of volunteers and partner communities.